School Removals

Now experienced in working in schools, moving complete schools to new sites as well as part moves preparing for refurbishment as part of our approved NE Lincs contract.

Recycling and Disposal of old and disused Furniture, Equipment and Rubbish

As an approved contractor to NELC we have been working in Schools for a number of years. If you have any kind of rubbish, especially equipment and furniture, we can dispose of this for you and we will endeavour to recycle as much as possible. This is considerably more cost effective than using skips. We are happy to collect a small amount or even a single item so you don't have to store until you have enough for a skip.

We charge for our time plus a disposal fee at a local waste transfer company. All metal is removed and recycled and the money received is set against the disposal fee. Computers are recycled free of charge and you receive a certificate to say that they have been wiped of all information.