Bulk Item Collection

Collection of Bulky Household Items for Reuse, Recycling or Disposal

Have you just bought a new Settee, Washer, Bed, Wall Unit, Wardrobe, Carpet or any other Household Item and don’t know how to get rid of the old one? Are you having a clear out but not enough for a skip?

We Can Help

We can collect items from the gate like the Local Authority and dispose of them OR we can send Professional Removers who will carefully remove them. If an item can be used again we will donate it to Charity including St Andrews Hospice shops to be sold to raise funds. Small electrical items can be reused by sending them to Third World countries. All metal will be recycled. If you have a few items we can take them to a sale room of your choice and you will receive the money from the sale. (BEWARE items sometimes do not reach the sale value you would expect) For any further enquiries about the removal of items from your Home or Property please Phone on 01469 572648 or send an email to


Items to be left at the gate of the property - up to 5 items : £23.00, 6 to 10 items : £35, 11 to 15 items : £45, 15 to 20 items : £55, over 20 items please contact for estimate Items to be removed from the property - up to 5 items : £30.00, 6 to 10 items : £45.00, over 10 items we will visit to assess the removal All Household items are included that can be carried by up to 2 people, above charges do not include dismantling of items to be removed from property, Fridges and Freezers are not included in the above but charged at £20 per item.